Our Difference

Based upon our education, experience and selective business training we look at our client relationships differently from traditional accounting relationships. In our experience we see that many traditional accountants focus on the business, not whether the business creates results the owners seek. That’s doing what they were trained to do in accounting school.

We see your business as a vehicle to the life you aspire to and the income to support it.

♦ Are you the driver or the passenger?
♦ If you don’t have clearly defined written life goals with the income to live them, how can you create a roadmap for your business to follow to them?
♦ Without a specific destination, any road will take you there!
♦ Without a roadmap to follow and a GPS to keep you on track how much more difficult is it to achieve your life goals?
♦ Do you sometimes feel your business controls you rather than you controlling it?
♦ Does it sometimes feel like the lunatics (staff, clients, and vendors) are running the asylum?
♦ Do you have a strategy and process to increase the saleable market value of your business and the ability to measure and document it?

These are some of the issues we find preventing our clients from creating the life they want using their business as the vehicle.

That’s what makes us different!

We always begin a new client relationship with a comprehensive life and business review. If we don’t have clarity on who you are and where you want to go, how can we help you get there? We can then identify issues, obstacles and profit leaks to determine how we can best overcome them to enhance your business, income and quality of life. We have developed a large group of qualified professionals who can address issues outside our purview and have proven themselves with other clients. We also do your accounting and bookkeeping – the foundation of business profitability.